BINIGAUS NOU " Memories for life"

Binigaus Beach

As you descend the untouched valley -with its impressive vegetation- you get the impression that time has stopped for a thousand years, as you encounter mystical stone formations and small stone constructions formerly used for agriculture.

A paradisiacal 10-minute drive on the private back road, or a 15-minute walk, fills you with beauty, romance, history and, above all, tranquility.

The superb white sand beach is only accessible to the public by foot from Santo Tomas; the water is crystal-clear all year around with standards perfectly comparable to those of exotic beaches in the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean.

Discovering the coastline by foot or kayaking in one of the boutique villa’s two sea-kayaks, with capacity for up to four to five people, is an alternative to snorkeling or going for a swim, or simply dozing off listening to the tranquil child-friendly waves in the heart of the still undiscovered paradise within the UNESCO protected biosphere reserve on Menorca.