BINIGAUS NOU " Memories for life"

Pool Area

With a never-ending its infinite view of the Binigaus Valley to the sea, the pool area is the crown jewel.

No other buildings are in sight of the slightly elevated teak deck, big enough for playing; organizing a cocktail get-together, or simply enjoying the peaceful atmosphere in the sun or below in the shade of some of the ancient pine trees.

The central spot in front of the boutique villa, within the heart of the Binigaus Valley, produces unforgettable lifetime memories.”

Enjoying the swimming pool isn’t limited to any particular time of the day; neither are the cold drinks, which can be prepared in the antique brick oven, transformed into a proper house with access from the deck.

The pool house has its own refrigerator and can be equipped with other amenities making it a lively focal point around the pool.

The pool house also has an integrated, fully functional barbecue, which can be used any time when dining on the outside terrace.